More than 900 Oneonta alumni, parents, faculty, staff, retirees, students and friends stepped up and made a gift on our Day of Giving. Your support helped us meet and exceed our goal of having the most-ever donors make a gift to the college in a single 24-hour period. We are so grateful for the outpouring of support from the entire Oneonta community.



Thank You to our Challenge Donors!

Betty Marko ’50  ($15,000)

Betty was almost not able to finish college when an illness struck her family, causing financial turmoil. She was able to complete her degree in education; however, this experience touched her deeply. In 2004, Betty established a scholarship for education majors with financial need. Betty’s desire is to help future teachers reach their full potential and not be plagued by financial worries.

Because she believes in the mission of SUNY Oneonta, Betty generously agreed to be a Challenge Donor. She hopes to see students complete their degrees successfully, and in turn, give back to their institution that provided them with so much.

Barbara Wilsey ’53G ($10,000)

In 1950, Barbara married another graduate student, William (Bill) Wilsey ’49, ’53G. Both Bill and Barbara spent most of their careers in the Port Jervis, New York, school system. Barbara’s specialty was kindergarten and Bill taught different grades, later becoming an elementary school principal. Bill passed away in 2010.

Barbara was intrigued with how a “Day of Giving” can encourage donations from fellow alumni. She made her pledge with one goal in mind, that of increasing annual giving to SUNY Oneonta, a place she holds in high regard because of the quality of her education and the impact that the college has had on her life and career.

Dr. David Ring  ($5,000)

Dave Ring retired last year after a long and distinguished career as an Associate Professor of Economics, Finance & Accounting. He began working at SUNY Oneonta in 1981 and spent his entire career mentoring students. He worked on the College Fed Challenge for several years and has also been involved with WONY FM 90.9 for more than 20 years.

“It has been incredible to watch our students and alumni grow either personally or professionally or both. It’s been extremely rewarding to see how many of them have been willing to give back to Oneonta either by donating, by helping our students find internships or jobs, by hosting them during Backpacks to Briefcases, or by coming back to campus to speak with our students.”


Dorothy Lawson ’57 ($10,000)

Dottie, originally from Brooklyn, credits her parents for her SUNY Oneonta education and her fulfilling teaching career. Their sacrifices and dedication made it possible for Dottie to attend SUNY Oneonta and become a kindergarten teacher at Valleyview Elementary School in Oneonta, where Dottie taught for 37 years. Knowing the pressures that financial need can have on students, it was important to Dottie to help students like herself afford a SUNY Oneonta education. Because of this, Dottie established her endowed scholarship in 2010 for students with financial need.

Dottie believes strongly in SUNY Oneonta and the education that students receive here. She made her Challenge Gift for the Day of Giving to inspire other SUNY Oneonta alumni to support their alma mater and assist today’s students.

College at Oneonta Foundation Board of Directors ($7,500)

The College’s Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors who volunteer their time and talent, and also invest their charitable gifts for the benefit of SUNY Oneonta. Several members of the Board have pooled additional gifts this year to inspire as many alumni, parents, friends, faculty, staff, and students as possible to support the college today. The Board of Directors is a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about education and who provide oversight of and financial stewardship for the Foundation. Learn more about the Board and the College Foundation at


Roz Hewsenian '75 ($5,000)

Since completing her degree in elementary education, Roz has taken the financial world by storm as an industry leader in the investment field. Roz is a Chief Investment Officer who manages a multi-billion dollar portfolio for the Helmsley Trust, which is a catalyst for healthcare and other initiatives within the United States and around the world.

Roz is an Alumni of Distinction honoree and a 2017 SUNY Honorary Doctorate candidate. She has established three scholarships in honor of her grandparents and her parents. Roz has given back generously to help students who need financial assistance, just as she needed help while she was a student. Roz believes in working hard to achieve your dreams and to pursue all opportunities; as such, she has agreed to be a challenge donor to inspire others to help the next generation reach greatness.


Nick Preddice '90  ($5,000)

After graduating with a degree in sociology, Nick joined the financial services industry and later founded the wealth management firm The Affinity Group, where he serves as Chief Executive Officer. While he has enjoyed great success in his career, he remembers his humble roots and wants to help create opportunities that allow current students to lead a successful life after graduation.

Nick is an Alumni of Distinction honoree and has established in memory of his father a scholarship that aids Secondary Education English majors with financial need. Nick believes in supporting organizations that nurture children and young adults and help them maximize their potential. Nick’s desire is for you to join him and make a difference for SUNY Oneonta’s greatest asset - our students!


Gabriella Abrams
Jeffrey Ackerman
Greg Ackner '99
Paul Adamo '81 and Ann Adamo '82
Scott Adler '76 and Joy Adler '77
Natalie Adorno '08
Jenise Agostini '04
Aimee Albano
Kevin Albro
Gail Alcott '73
Robert M. Allen '81
Catherine Amendola '01
Jordan Anderson
Lila Anzalone
Carol Arnold '84, '91
Barbara Asheld '74
Janice G. Ashley '62
Robin Augello
Robert Axisa '05
Jane E. Bachman '74
Mary Bailey '70 and John Bailey '67
Sakshi Bajaj '11
Carol Baker '71 and James Baker
Timothy Baker '01
Lois Baldwin '80
Anthony Ballard '09
Amanda Barcia
Patricia Barlow '74
Carol A. Barnes '73, '93
Maria Baron '84
Robert Baroni '74 and Barbara Baroni '74
Gracie Barresi
Daniel P. Bartholf '74
Mary Bartlett
Scott Barton and Cynthia Barton
Evelyn Barton '89
Lynda Bassette-Farone
Paul Bauer
Karen Baxendale '75
Julia Baxter '97, '05, '10
Mark Z. Becker '70
Matthew Beitscher
Amy Bellcourt
Christine Bellinger
Mary Lynn Bensen '87
Annette R. Berk 
Stephen Berman
Jerrold G. Bermingham '83
Joseph Bernier '72 and Lucy Bernier '91
Madeline Berry '62 and Robert Berry
Terri Berzin '79
George Betts 
Philip Bidwell '87, '93, '00 and Lesley Bidwell '86
Mackenzie Biggers
Ben Birkett '11
Judith Black
Ellen Blaisdell and Peter Exton
Douglas J. Blake '91
Kimberly K. Blanck '95
Sean Blank '96
Kyle Blinkhorn '14
Frances Bliven '54, '61
Charles Bogosta '80 and Mary Ann Bogosta '82
Nancy Bolon
Sara Bonafine
Mary Bonderoff '88, '91, '99 and Scott Bonderoff '87
Olivia Boniello
Edward Bossong
Croix Bouquot '08
Diana Bouton
Jan Bowers
Erin Boylan
Eileen Bray '72 and Robert Bray '72
Frances Brennan '85
David Brenner '57, '59 and Lois Brenner
Mary Breuninger '92 and Richard Breuninger
Joseph A. Briand '67
Thomas Brocco
Timothy Brock '80
Monica Brock '81
Michael Brophy '73
Karen Brown '88 and Richard Brown '87
Suzanne Brown
Robert Brown '00, '02
Mackenzie Brown
Derrick Brown
Michelle Bruck '97
Nicholas Brussel
Howard F. Buchan 
Carlyn Buckler
John Bugyi '03
Keith Bundy '66
John Burkhart '74 and Carol Burkhart '73
Robert Burlison '64
Ryan Butler '04
Barbara Byam
Iain Byrne
Kasey Byrne
Carolyn Cacciato '79
Denise Cahn '91 and George Cahn '91
Julia Calabro
Betsy Calder '83
William Callan
Nancy Cannizzaro '77 and John Cannizzaro '76
Lisbeth Caples '89
Joseph R. Card '69
Raymond Cardinali '88
Casey Carlucci
Claudia Carman '61
Anthony J. Carmeli '84
Janet Carney
Alice Carpenter '72
Ava Carter
Mary Casey '74
Colleen Cashman
Andrea Casper '75
William Cassidy '84
Kathryn Castelli '13
Allen E. Caswell 
Nicholas Cerbone '14
Daniel Chambers
Franklin Chambers
Donna Chase and Rick Chase '73
Haley Chechik
Kai Chen
Steven Child '76 and Laura Child '77
Charlene Christie
Linda Cirillo '69
Edward Clarke '10
Karen Clemmer '86
Susan Clemons '78
Marta Clepper
Lana Clohessy
Christina Cluxton '15
Eric Cohen '93
Cynthia Cohen
Sydney Cohen
Carol Coleman
Craig Collins '83
Owen Conklin
Jennifer Considine '85 and Barry Considine
Aaron Constantini '16
Cathleen Contino '86
Paul Conway
Hellen Cordova
Susan R. Cory '82
Suzanne P. Cottingham '93
Fatoumata Coulibaly
E. Richard Covert '52 and Angela Covert
Connie Cox
Richard Coyne
Lauren Crandall '13
Harold A. Crawford '89
Donna Crossley '66
Patricia Cruz
AnneMarie Cucci '12
Yvonne Cummings '71
Joyce Currier
Brian Curry '79 and Susan Curry '80
Gail Dabrowski '86
Caroline D'Antonio '67
Yulia Dashev
Arthur Dauria and Barbara Dauria
Heather Davies '12
Dean Davis '84 and John Argueso
Gary Day '75 and Lynann Day '82
Jessica Degennaro
Dana Del Genio
Katherine Delaney '63
John Delehanty '75 and Wendy Delehanty '74
Mark Delligatti '75
Gail Denisoff '73
Thomas Denniston '75 and Julia Denniston
Leah DeVries '05
Michael Deyak
Stephanie Diaz-Albertini 
Barbara Dickerson '72
Rob P. Diedrich '78
Celene Difrancia '85
Christine DiLandro '87
Tamara Dipasquale
Kristine Dirocco
Jim A. Doig '75
Kathleen Donadio
Barbara J. Donegan '71
Judith E. Dooley '83
Anthony Dotsikas
Penny Downin
Elaine Downing
Asia Dowtin '09
Kathryn Doyle '75
Marcella Drago '66, '73 and Anthony Drago
Katherine Drake
Tracey Drayer '87 and Keith Drayer '87
Victoria DuBois
Barbara Durkin
Amanda Dyas
Greg Eaton
Merrie I. Edelston '82
Bonnie M. Edwards '87
Ruth C. Eichler '75
Lisa M. Elbogen '90
Laura M. Emmett 
Jodi Engel
Richard Engelmann '90 and Debra Engelmann '90
Nadina Espinosa
Todd Evans
Lindsay Evans '10
Remi Farnan '15
Jennifer Federici '97
Madeline B. Felice '82
Jie Feng
Irene Ferrall and James Ferrall
Melissa Ferrin '16
Dorothy P. Fiedler '77
Malcolm S. Field '81
Amanda Finch
Suzanne Fine '81
Melissa Fiore '92 and Michael Fiore '90
Ellenor Fitzgibbons
Dory Fitzpatrick
Wayne J. Flavin '74
Myrlandecie Fleurant
Reilly Flood
Gretchen Flubacher
Lisa Flynn
Maryann Foley '75
Tracy A. Fontao '85
Elizabeth A. Foo '75
Todd Foreman and Danilyn Foreman, '02, '07
Edward Forman
Mark S. Fragner '79
James P. Frank 
Roy Freiman '81 and Victoria Freiman '80
Lance S. Friedler '92
John P. Friedman '75
Mary Furman '72
Ralph Fuschillo '92
John A. Fusco '72
Tricia Gabriel
Jonathan Gaj
Zoe Gale
Edward Galvin '11
Kathleen Gambino
Caitlin Garrison '09 and Adam Garrison '09
Ashley Gaunay
Kristen Gaynor '11
Adam Gaynor
Elizabeth Gaza '81
Kim Gazda '90
Alanna Gelman
John Gerardi
Karen F. Gibbs '78
Ruben Gil
Steven Gilbert
Robert S. Gilman '89
John Gilrein '77
Jane E. Giordano '69
Thomas Glennon '09
Benjamin Glew
Henry Goetze '75 and Nancy Goetze
Mitchell R. Goldberg '83
Constance Golden
Harvey Goldstein '77 and Lori Goldstein '78
Daysi Gomez Torralba
Claire Gonyo '03
Susan Goodier
Marc Goodman '88
Lev Gorens '94
Jerid Goss '16
Barbara Grant '80 and Fred Grant '80
Jane Grastorf
Monica Grau '88 and F. William Grau '89
Sarah Gravelin '10
Harold Gray
Alana Green
Destinee Gregory
Kerry Gresser '93
Sandra Grieco
Mary Griffin '91 and James Griffin '91, '94
Laurel L. Griffin '75
Leslie Grigsby '68, '73
Robin Grossfeld '82
Beatrice Grygiel '72
Melissa Gualano
Nathanael Guerriero
Nina Guidi
Theron Gunderman '64
Roger Gurney
Heather Guzy
Jonathan Hahn '90
Rachele Hall '06
Tracey Hall
Christina P. Hansen '87
Laurie Jean Harding
Ryan Harrington '04
Todd Hart '82 and Valerie Stowell-Hart '83
Terry W. Hart '82
Leslie Hartten '84
Timothy Hayes and Lindsay Hayes '01
Kenneth Hayes 
Patricia Heck
Susan Heinsohn-Stein '79 and John Stein '79
Nancy Heiseler Abrams '93
Lawrence Heldman and Nancy Heldman '73
Carli Heming
Michelle Hendley and Matthew Hendley
Jane Henry '80
Wayne Hermanson '71
Ted Herrmann '70
Mark C. Herzberg '67
Mary Hetterich '15
Kathy Hewlett and Richard Hewlett
Rosalind Hewsenian '75
Virginia Hillman '85
Melissa A. Hochberg '84
Shelly L. Hoffman 
Roland Holstead '67 and Sharyn Holstead '67
Jenny Holz
Debbie Holzwarth 
Barbara Hornak '65
Joshua Hotaling '04 and Megan Hotaling '05
Stanley Houck '65
Amanda Howell '16
Sarah Hughes '85
Edward Huttick
Kevin T. Hyland '92
Joseph Iglesias
Charles W. Ikwild '77
Gregory Ingrassia '91 and Laura Ingrassia '90
Tyler Itzkowitz '15
Jeffrey Jackson '73 and Gerri Jackson '72
Alexa Jackson
Kate Jaffie '12
Alison K. James 
Colleen Jansen '83 and Joseph Jansen
Linda D. Jenkins '71
Eric E. Jensen '92
Andrew Jensen
Samantha Jessop
Amanda Johann '04
Paula Johannessen '73, '77 and C. Howard Johannessen '73
Suzanne Johnson '88, '89 and Kevin Johnson '78, '91, '93
Andrea J. Johnson '80
Keith Jones
William Joolingen '76 and Jeanne Joolingen '76
Elizabeth S. Joseph '64
April Joseph '03
Bruce M. Kallins '85
Bill Kapogiannis '90, '91, '93
Susan G. Karz '74
Richard Kaufman '81 and Paula Kaufman '81
Susan Keagle
Lisa Keaney and Kenneth Keaney
Gina Keel
Veronica Keesler
Robert D. Keever '82
Michelle Keller
Kenneth Kellerhouse '57, '60
Keith J. Kelly '76
William Kelly '09
Carol J. Kilgallin '76
Alexa Kinney '11
Tonya Klein '13
Nancy Kleniewski and William Davis
Reginald Knight '74 and Shelley Knight '73
Michael Koch
Achim Koeddermann
Michael Kopp '87
Nshyira Korankyi
Anna Korniak
Theodore Kottke and Bernice Kottke '81
Susan D. Kowalski '85
Katrina Koyfman
John Krakowski '76
Amy M. Krebs '91, '91
Jody Krieger '75
Vincent Krill '07
Joann La Perla-Morales '68
Louise M. Ladd '70
Andrew Ladew '13
Ronald P. Ladouceur '81
Catherine LaFontaine '04
Robert LaForge '77 and Suzanne LaForge '77
Daniel Lagani '85 and Fiona Bremner Lagani '84
Michael Lahn '86 and Lori Lahn '86
Christy Lamagna '90
Carol Lamb '68
Deborah K. Landry '01
Christine Langone '73 and John Langone '71
Steven Lanza '73 and Eileen Lanza '73
Joseph Lapriore '74
Carley Larson
Michele LaRusso '14
Wendy Lascell '97 and Ian Lascell
Dorothy Lawson '57
Laurie Lazinski '98
Eileen Leavitt
Richard Lee '80, '90
Jennifer Lee '96
Rebecca LeFebvre '15
Barry Lenoble '86 and Lauren Lenoble
J Lentner
Marlene Lentz '79
Morgan Leonard
Howard Lerner '81 and Jill Lerner '81
Susan Levanti
Adam Levine '94
Elana Levy '83 and Alan Levy '80
Rosemary Levy '82 and Jeffrey Levy '83
Elana Levy '14
Coleen M. Lewis '96
Albert Liberatore
Chien-Wei Lin
Laura Lincoln and David Lincoln '95
Karina Linehan '13
Alexandria Lisi
Louise Little '57
Kelsey Lizotte '13
Janice Lloyd '62 and Sylvester Lloyd '62
Jo Ann Lockrow
Susan L. Love '79
Brian Lowe
Julie Ltaif '10
Alfred M. Lubell 
Elizabeth Luey
Hal A. Luftig '79
Helen Lug '72
John A. Lutz '80
Catherine Lynch-Mcnamara
Darrin Lyons '89 and Lynette Lyons '90
Jacqueline Madden
Virginia M. Maddock '73
Michael P. Magee '87
Joanne B. Magowan '73
Daniel Mahar '98 and Jennifer Mahar
Arian Mahrer '00
Patricia Malin '74
Eileen Maloney '84 and Stephen Maloney '83
Melissa Mamarella
Dawn Mancari
David Manes and Bonnie Manes '67
Steven Maniscalco '96 and Patricia Maniscalco '95, '96
Robert Manvell '74
Charles Maples '98
Catherine Marcasciano '08
Anthony Marchese '72
Elizabeth Marko '50
Diane M. Marmet '81
Mark C. Marotta '80
Kevin J. Marrinan '74
Matthew Marrotta '13
Paul W. Martin '71
Andrew Martin
John Martino '12
Allen J. Marx 
William Mason '10
Kara Matarrese
Ann Mathews '66
Daniel Matishek '16
Geraldine S. Matthews '74
Harry B. Matthews '74
Trisha Matz and Christopher Matz
Ryan Maxwell '95 and Janice Maxwell '95
Michael McAvoy
Justin McCallion
Patrick McCann '75 and Linda McCann '76
Gavin McCann
Michael McCardle
Stephanie McDermott Ferreyra
Natasha McFadden
Elizabeth McGrail '01
Rosemary McGuire '92
Drew P. McKay '05
Edward McKinley '90 and Patricia McKinley
Edward J. McSweeney '71
Jennifer McVey '07
Daniel McVicar '85 and Lee Anne McVicar '85
Kathleen Meeker '78
Patricia Meli '75
Daniel Menscher '80
Linda Metzler '87
Matthew Meyers '00 and Joan Meyers '99
Nancy Micene '77
Jennifer Michaels
Wayne Mickiewicz '73
Kevin Milburn
Katharine Milcarek-Burke '06
Mark Miller
James E. Mills 
Jill S. Mirabito 
Wendy M. Mircovich '95
Melissa Mish '95
Terrence Mitchell
Diana Moller '12
Carol Monaghan '85 and James Monaghan '85
Milagros Montijo
Susan P. Moore '75
Autumn Moore
Talaya Moore
Michael Morales
Thomas Moriarty
Anna Morreale '09
Catherine Morrone
Madeline H. Morrow '75
Nancy M. Morse '71
Natiqua Morton
Jean Mosher
Donna Moss '69 and Joseph Lewis '74
Adam Moulter '10
Peter Muller
Sophia Mundy '82
Jennifer Muniz
Matthew Munson '04 and Karen Munson
Allison Murphy
Annie Murphy
Dylan Murphy
Kevin Murray '75 and Dawn Murray '77
John Myron '13
Justin Nadler
Lydia Ndambuki
Donna Neely '76 and Kevin Neely '77
Sandra Neverett '72 and Pamela Cranston
Anthony Nichols '15
Amber Nicholson
Melissa Nicosia '98 and Charles Nicosia '99
Arthur Nimmo '74
Stanley E. Nosek '69
Kim Nostrom
Joanne Nussbaum-Marquardt '78
Jodi Oaks '13
Jennifer Oates '06
Oscar Oberkircher and Janet Oberkircher
Michael L. O'Brien '92
Stacey A. O'Brien '93
Toby O'Brien '75
Elizabeth O'Brien '03
Shannon O'Connor '15
William O'Dea and Jeane Bennett-O'Dea '73, '92, '00
Aimee Odell
Kelly Odestick '82
Kevin O'Keefe '11
Lorelei Olk
Raymond Olszewski '93
Erikka Olszewski '08
Allen Oppici '87
Celia Oset '12
William O'Shea
Martha Osowski
Kerry Osterwald
Jeanne L. Paino '70
Judith E. Palais '81
Samantha Palermo
Brayton Palmer '99
Debra L. Parisian '82
Danielle M. Pavletich '07
Daisy Paz
James L. Pear '77
Cheryl Peeters
Harry E. Pence
Stephanie Peguillan '15
Paul Pennisi '74 and Deborah Pennisi '76
Douglas A. Percesepe '83
Keith Pergola '12
Paul Perlman '76 and Beth Mattimore
Janet Perna '70 and Melanie Rose
Steven Perry and Jeanne Perry
Lisa Peter
Glenn Pichardo '02
Sara Pickett '79
Nancy E. Pierce '77
William Pietraface and Marjorie Pietraface
Darren Pikul
Bryanna Pirro
Judy Pizza
Carmen Pizzuto and Elizabeth Pizzuto '04, '08
Barbara J. Pledger 
Timothy Ploss
Louise K. Plumb '68
Thomas Pollak '71
Amy Pondolfino '09
Nancy Pontius
Audrey Porsche and Brian Alexander
Diana Portalatin
Rebecca Porter-O'Donnell '00 and Michael O'Donnell
Elena Prassas '77
Nicholas S. Preddice '90
Miyeon Presky '10
Julianne Priore
Damien Prohaska '16
Maryann Puglia '87
Joseph Punturo '84 and Barbara Punturo '85
Farrukh Quraishi '75 and Lisa Brock
Nancy Rabolt '69
Kathleen Race '73
Catherine Raddatz 
Joseph N. Raia '78
Dan Raia '15
Paul A. Ramirez '88
David Ranieri '82 and Tracey Ranieri
Thomas M. Rathbone 
Beverly Reed '54
Burton Relethford '09
Jared Reynolds '12
Nathan Rheinhardt '99
Catherine Rhodes
Samantha Riccardi '15
Chloe Ricci '15
David Ring
Duane Ritter
Hailey Rivers
Stacy Robinson
Marvin Rodriguez '15
Michelle Rogers-Estable
Joan G. Rolf '76
Jacob Romeo
Walter Romero '01
Maia Roseval
Virginia Rossuck '60 and Richard Rossuck '60
Kristina Rowley '05
Lynn Rubenfeld '89
Susan T. Rudmann '77
Madison Rudzinski
Theresa Russo
Daren J. Rylewicz '93
Ruben Salinas
Marcy Salmirs '83 and Scott Salmirs '84
Carly Salzman
Ronald Sanchez '97
Juan Sanchez
James B. Sanders '78
Valerie D. Sandlas '83, '91
Samuel Sandoli '71
Vaughn Sayles '68
Ralph A. Scalise '85
Jennifer Scanlon '80
Carrie Schade '95
Glenn L. Schafer '78
Patricia Schiavone '73
Ernest J. Schirmer '86
Judith Schmidt '65
Meredith L. Schnur '93
Paul Schrot '94 and Mary Schrot '92
Robert S. Schugmann '75
Anna M. Schuhart '74
Connie L. Schultes '89
Rhea Schultzberg '76
Howard C. Schwartz '78
Daniel Sears
Brenda Seery
Alyssa Shabels '93
Therese Shady '76
Kaela Shafer
Matthew Shaler and LeAnne Shaler
David Shapiro '87
Rita Sharples '73
Jill S. Shaw '88
Timothy P. Sheesley '77
Sean Sherwood '08
Pamela Shmuel '75 and Max Shmuel '75
Amy Shultis
Jeff S. Silber '86
Jessica Silsbe '14
Michelle Silsbe '11
Pamela J. Silvano '78
Kate Simeon '09
Michelle Sinagra '11
Ritu Singh
Shannon Sing-Wai
Randi Sisco
Kyle Sisco '15
Kayla Slater '14, '15
Trevor Slattery '04
Marie Smith '12 and Kevin Smith '13
Glenda Smith '70 and Alfred Smith '70
Diane A. Smith '74
Jennifer Smith '05
Kodi Smith '05
Sarah Smith '09
Isabelle Smith
Dawn Sohns
Barbara Soldani '66
Katherine Sorce '15
Gretchen S. Sorin '81
Frederick Soued and Joanne Soued '71
Maya Speelmans '77
William A. Spehr '84
Victoria Sperazza '15
Siobhan Sperin '79
Kelly Spettel and Louis Spettel
Alyssa Spiconardi
Susan Spofford '71 and Paul Spofford '70
Jill Stafford
David Stahl '73
Eric Stahlberg '92
Sara Stathopoulos
Brian A. Stenzler '96
Michael Sternberg
Edward A. Stevelman '75
Alan Stevens
Christine Storrie
Jeffrey Strauss '71 and Janis Strauss
Denise A. Straut '90, '11
Michele F. Streck '91, '94
Sheila Striffler '72 and Robert Striffler '72
Alane C. Strong '90
Cynthia Struckle '86
Michelle Sturckler
Karolina Stypulkowski
Michael T. Sullivan '00
Gerard T. Sullivan '83
Karen A. Sullivan '85
Aimee Swan '06 and Ryan Swan '06
Jaime Szeinuk
Vivian Tan
Joan Thalasinos '75
Wade Thomas and Margaret Morrison
Carol Thomas '74
H. Laverne Thomas
Daphne Thompson and Keith Thompson '99
Esther B. Thomsen '76
Thomas E. Thornton '70
Faith Tiemann
Carolann Tipton '66
Elizabeth Tirado and Thomas Tirado '08
Danielle Tonner '95 and Robert Tonner '93
Estefania Torijano
Thomas G. Travis '69
Kerry Trenkle
Taylor Troyano '13
Virginia A. Trupia '81
Maria Trupia '14
Alice Tucker '85 and Stephen Tucker
Marie Tucker
Patricia A. Turner '77
Andrew Turner '11
Gary Tutty '76, '78 and Pamela Tutty '73
Lawrence Ulman
Jared Usher '16
Michael Uzzi '78
Michael Vallee '76
Jean M. Vallianos '84
William V. Vandenbosch '69
Elaine Vandyne '81
Mia Vasile-Cozzo
William Vining '81 and Kathy Tobiassen
James Vogler and Donna Vogler
Spencer Wallach
Stephen M. Walsh '78
Margaret Walsh '80
Cindy Walter
Jen-Ting Wang
Zishan Qamar Wariach '10
Christine Warnquist '71
Susan Warren '72
Mary K. Weafer '84
Kathleen Webster '83
Donald Weis '96 and Jayme Weis '96
Brett Wellman '01, '03
Mary Anne Welsh '79
Lisa M. Wenck '92
Benjamin Wendrow '08 and Karyn Wendrow '09
John A. Werner '71, '74, '75
Mary Westermann '74
Rose Whipple '89
Carolyn A. White '74
Susan Whitney '81 and Thomas Whitney '80
Alison Widawsky '15
Karen Widing '78
William Wilkerson
Amanda Willsey '11
Barbara Wilsey '53
Donna L. Wilson '72
Mark Winne '76
James Winters '75
Kerry Winters '15
Gary J. Wiseman '75
Jill Wisner '84 and Leonard Wisner '84
RP Withington and Jennifer Withington
Deborah Wolfanger '88 and William Wolfanger '87
Kristen C. Woll '82
Nancy Wolters
Maureen E. Wood '71
Ernest Wood '75
Kathleen Woods
Steven Wynn
Jing Yang
Mary Yarusso '66
Carole Yass '77
Tracy Young
Jerry Young
Karl Zarr
Susan E. Zawyrucha '70
Taylor Zelka '15
Dawn M. Zerillo Israel '94
Sen Zhang and Min Zhang
James Zians
Jennifer Zinsley '92 and Sean Zinsley '92
The Shipping Room